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The good advice of a former law student to succeed his L1

Christian Martin 0
This is a practical and lively book that will enlighten many high school students often curious or anxious to know what awaits them in law school. It will especially help students already embarked on a first year and quickly face the difficulties of the university.

If that's your case, do not wait to get this column as soon as possible, because Rémi Raher distills his advice by following the school calendar, from pre-school, to summer holidays. Knowing how to manage time, ( chronos in Greek where this "chronicle") is indeed one of the many challenges of student life …

Failure rates still high in L1 law

According to the Ministry of Higher Education figures for students entering L1 in 2012-2013, the L1 transition rate in L2 right is 39.7% on average over all French universities, and the repetition rate of 27.3%.

The transition rate in L2 varies considerably according to the bachelor's degree series: it is 54.5% for the S-holders, 49% for the ES-holders, 45.6% for the L-students, 19.9% ​​for the Bachelor's degree-holders ( 14.4% for STMG), and 5.8% of vocational graduates. Figures to consider before moving. (read: Am I doing for law? )

The first weeks: what not to miss

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So here we are to walk in the footsteps of the new kid at the university. "Ah, student life!" It's the beginning of many things, the long-awaited freedom for some, the difficult learning of autonomy for others, the possibility of having a lot of free time, too, describes our author

Yes, but this new freedom can also make you neglect important stages.The pre-return meeting forexample.Simple administrative formality think those who prefer to extend the holidays.On the contrary, says Rémi Raher, this is the These are the kinds of meetings you should not miss: first, to glean important information about the practical organization of your studies, to discover your teachers but also to make contacts with other students.

the first lectures which allow to discover the style, the universe, the legal vocabulary … and also the manias of each teacher. Take the opportunity to break in your note-taking technique and organize your schedule by balancing leisure and work time.